GasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off

Option: GasStop with Airstream Installation Kit
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Do you travel in your Airstream or RV with the propane on?

RV safety experts always recommend turning the propane gas off during travel. But if you leave the gas on because you hate arriving at a campsite with melted ice cream and warm beer, GasStop can add a safety factor. 

GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for propane gas. In the event of a major leak—perhaps caused by an accident—GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas.

GasStop attaches at the propane cylinders, so you'll need one for each propane cylinder you want to protect. 

This important device fits all Airstream trailers. On aluminum-bodied trailers you'll need our Airstream Installation Kit with each GasStop you install. For Basecamp and Nest, you'll only need the GasStops.

Bonus gas pressure indicator

In addition to being a great safety device, each GasStop has a pressure gauge to let you know when your propane is running low.

Tests for leaks

GasStop can also be used to test for minor leaks prior to use. It's quick and easy, so you can check that your gas system is leak-free anytime.

Installs in a snap!

Using GasStop is quick and easy. Complete instructions are included. It installs in a few minutes, as shown in our handy installation video. Once installed, there's nothing more required. It works automatically when needed to shut off the gas and help keep you safe.

Common questions

Will GasStop fit inside my propane tank cover?

Yes, with our exclusive Airstream Installation Kit (included). See our installation video above.

How many GasStops and Installation Kits do I need?

Each propane tank needs its own GasStop and Installation Kit, so we recommend  two. 

What's in the Airstream Installation Kit?

Our kit includes a special replacement propane hose with 90 angle, brass adapter with built-in backflow check, Teflon tape, and instructions.

Will GasStop fit my Airstream motorhome?

Sorry, not on an Interstate or Atlas. GasStop needs to be attached directly to the propane tank, before the regulator. If you don't have access to the tank, you can't use GasStop. (If you have an older Airstream Class A motorhome with POL connections, click here.)

I heard the OPD valve does the same thing—is that true?

No. The OPD (Overfill Protection Device) will prevent overfilling of the tanks and leaks—but only when the tank is not connected to your propane system. The OPD device is overridden when the tanks are connected to a hose, so it won't help at all when the gas is in use.

Why is this better than a cheap Camco, Doyzant, Flame King, etc?

Excess Flow Valves such as those will limit gas flow by about 90-95% but they do not completely shut off gas flow. Only the GasStop is designed for this task.

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