Airstream Compartment Lock Upgrade

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The exterior compartment locks on your Airstream use the same key used by many other RV brands, and millions of people have it.

If your compartment lock key says "CH751" "RS141" or "001," just about anyone can open your compartments.

Improve the security of your compartments

The good news is that you can improve the security of your Airstream compartments by upgrading all the locks with a completely different key. This key also has 50 variants, making it highly unlikely that someone else has the same one you do.

Installation is easy – you don't need any special skills or a locksmith!

All locks open with a new, randomly-assigned key

The keys we include with these lock upgrades work with every lock purchased. Whether you purchase 1 lock or 8 locks, the new key will open all of them.  

Replace faded black latches with chrome

In addition to keeping your stuff more secure, our kit replaces faded or damaged black latches with shiny chrome ones. The new latches match other chrome trim on your trailer and the finish will last much longer. Made of zinc alloy and chrome plated. 

What's included:

  • Identically-keyed compartment locks with chrome faces (order up to 8 depending on how many locks your Airstream has)
  • New gasket
  • New keys - When you order 1 lock you will receive 2 keys. When you order 2 or more locks you will receive 4 keys. All of the locks you receive will work with all of the keys provided. 
  • Complete instructions

These lock upgrades fit aluminum-bodied Airstream trailers from model year 2015 through 2022. 

NOTE: Basecamps do not have exterior compartments, so this product will not work for Basecamp models.

Easy installation with our video guide

Replaces Airstream part # 382230 and 382230-02 

BEFORE YOU ORDER:  Please verify that the compartment latches on your Airstream look like the ones on this product page. If they don't, this upgrade kit won't work for your Airstream.

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