Model: 1000/2000 Watt All-Weather
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Reliable, easy-to-deploy backup power – without the noise, mess, or smell of a gas generator!

CarGenerator is a unique, backpack-sized device that transforms your tow vehicle into a 1000-watt pure sine generator.

Developed by an Airstreamer, CarGenerator is lightweight, cleaner and quieter than a gas generator, and easy to set up. Plug it in, and CarGenerator will power your Airstream just like a generator—without the noise or expense. Works with any battery type (wet cell, AGM, Lithium) and in any weather.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: The manufacturer is offering the 5 year warranty FREE – retail value: $95.

A great backup to solar power  

Most Airstreamers (ourselves included) love the quiet and simplicity of solar power when disconnected from shore power. But when a campsite is nestled in a tall forest, or there are multiple cloudy days, solar panels may not deliver the power you need. That's when CarGenerator really shines. 

No more worries about running out of battery power! Simply connect the CarGenerator to your tow vehicle for a top-up in an hour or two.

Better than a gas generator

  • Lightweight and small – only 11 pounds and small enough to fit under the dinette
  • Peace and quiet – no more annoying generator noise (your neighbors will thank you, too) 
  • No gas smell or mess –  no need to haul fuel cans and your tow vehicle stays cleaner 
  • Hassle-free – no maintenance or oil changes, ever 
  • Cleaner emissions - ordinary generators have no emission standards; vehicles are held to strict emission standards
  • Charges external power packs, too – like Jackery, Bluetti, e-bikes, etc.

How it works

  1. Connect CarGenerator to your vehicle jump-start posts
  2. Plug your Airstream's power cord into CarGenerator using a standard pigtail/dog bone adapter
  3. Hang CarGenerator on the front of your car
  4. Turn on your vehicle's engine
  5. CarGenerator charges your Airstream batteries and powers small plug-in devices like laptops
  6. Turn off your car and disconnect until you need CarGenerator again

What's included

  • 1000-watt, weatherproof CarGenerator (2000 watts surge capability)
  • Power meter – to monitor usage
  • 3-year warranty

Designed and made in North America

Optional Add-Ons

  • Bluetooth module ($95) - Allows you to monitor power usage on your phone
  • Quick Connect Kit ($139) - Provides a cable that stays connected to your battery and makes hook-up faster 


How long do I have to keep my engine on to use CarGenerator?

The speed of charging your Airstream batteries is exactly the same as if you were plugged into campground power. So, if your batteries are nearly fully discharged, probably several hours. If you are just topping off the charge, you'll need to keep your engine running for less time than that. 

So I have to leave my vehicle engine running when using CarGenerator? 

Yes. CarGenerator hooks up to your vehicle's jump-start points and the power is actually drawn from the alternator. You need to keep the engine running to make the alternator work.

But won't connecting it to the vehicle battery drain the battery?

No. CarGenerator draws its power from the alternator, not directly from the battery.

Will leaving my tow vehicle idle for hours damage the engine?

Nope. CarGenerator has been used by thousands of customers from coast to coast for seven years, and the company reports zero vehicle or engine issues. None. Not even one. 

What's the difference in the "Airstream Edition"?

It's got the same great functions, but it's styled to complement your Airstream, with a window and "rivets" around the edge.

Won't someone steal my car if they hear it running unattended?

Highly unlikely if you simply lock your doors! But if you have safety concerns or are camping in a questionable area, you could also purchase a good steering wheel lock for $30-50.

Can I run my A/C with CarGenerator?


Can CarGenerator power my external power packs and other devices?

Yes. CarGenerator provides up to 1000 watts which will power small electronic devices that are plugged into your Airstream's outlets during charging.

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