Hinge Fixer (10 Pack)

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Are you annoyed when your Airstream interior cabinet hinges pop off?

So were we–until we installed these handy little Hinge Fixers!

If you have a mid-2014 or later Airstream trailer, you are going to love them too.

These little Hinge Fixers will change your life (ok, so that's a little dramatic) or at least reduce swearing and yelling during travel. Snap them onto each troublesome hinge and annoying pop-offs will be a thing of the past.

Why we love the Hinge Fixer:

  • Installs in seconds with no tools
  • Reduces swearing during travel
  • Crazy inexpensive! 

If you ever need to take the hinges apart later, the clip can be easily removed with a screwdriver, as shown in the illustration.

Comes in a pack of 10 hinge fixers. Typically, each cabinet door has two hinges.

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