Micro-Air Easy-Touch RV 355 Digital Thermostat (replaces Coleman)

Color: Black
Sale price$ 239.00


Confounded about how to work the Coleman thermostat that came with your Airstream? This is the product for you! 

What we like about the Easy Touch

  • A large color touch screen makes using it extremely easy to program
  • The thermostat automatically figures out what features your Airstream has (air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, etc) and configures itself, so setup is a no-brainer. 
  • It installs easily with just a few tools
  • You can access the thermostat remotely to modify temperature settings and more (optional)

Watch our installation video and see how easy it is to install this product. Plus, we share a few important tips and tricks that aren't included in the manufacturer's instructions.

Setting up WiFi is OPTIONAL

To modify the temperature remotely, you can connect the Easy Touch through Bluetooth to WiFi (if you have a WiFi hotspot). This allows you to control the temperature, monitor the temperature, and even get alerts, anywhere there's cell service. 

If you don't connect the thermostat to WiFi, all functions are still available using the thermostat's touch screen.

IMPORTANT: This product replaces Airstream-installed "RV Comfort" Coleman thermostats like the one in the photo below (at left). If your thermostat is not the one in this picture, this model Easy Touch will not fit your Airstream.  For Dometic thermostats, see this product instead.


    • Dimensions: Width: 4.00 inches x Height: 3.05 inches
    • Installation template, screws, screw caps, etc included with the kit

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