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FREE Zoom Webinar on solar and lithium – Join us Feb. 2!

With so much information available about solar power and lithium batteries, it's easy to fall down a rabbit hole of confusion. Should you upgrade to lithium? And if so, how much should it cost? Which solar option is better–portable or rooftop? And how much do you need? If you want to boondock longer, should you expand your battery bank or add to your rooftop system? 

In this free Zoom event, we'll explain the fundamentals of solar power and battery capacity in simple terms, describe the circumstances under which an Airstreamer should move to lithium batteries, and bust common myths about both.


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Everything you need to know about tire pressure monitoring

Checking tire pressures and topping up tires prior to a trip is smart. We recommend it. But pre-checks won't help you if tire pressure drops while you're towing. And a tire blowout can be dangerous and expensive.

Find out why installing a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is the safer way to travel, how it works, whether you need a repeater, and more.

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The affordable luxury every Airstreamer deserves

Soft on your feet, beautifully made, and bacteria resistant, AIR GEAR teak shower mats get rave reviews for a reason.

Handcrafted in Tucson, AZ we've got 16 models to choose from. Our woodcrafter selects the teak for each mat based on color, shade. Each mat is beautifully and subtly unique.

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The hidden secrets of "drinking water safe" hoses

There a lot of options for “drinking water safe” hoses for use with your Airstream, but most of them are poorly made. And nearly all of them end up in the trash after a few years after they start leaking, kinking, or gunking up on the inside.

Here's what to look for in a quality water hose vs. a cheap "white water hose," and why it matters.

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TST Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTST Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Sale priceFrom $ 284.00
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Tire Changing Kit (8 piece)Tire Changing Kit (8 piece)
Tire Changing Kit (8 piece)
Sale price$ 149.00
Maintenance Essentials Kit (11 pieces)
Save 7%
Water Hose and Storage Bag SetWater Hose and Storage Bag Set
Water Hose and Storage Bag Set
Sale priceFrom $ 105.00 Regular price$ 113.00
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Ultimate RV Water HoseUltimate RV Water Hose
Ultimate RV Water Hose
Sale priceFrom $ 79.00
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Rivet Replacement Kit (Rivet Tool + Rivets)
Trailer Deadbolt Key PRE-CUT
Trailer Deadbolt Key PRE-CUT
Sale price$ 24.00
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CGEAR RV Sand-Free MatCGEAR RV Sand-Free Mat
CGEAR RV Sand-Free Mat
Sale priceFrom $ 109.99
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Save 25%
Progressive EMS Power ProtectorProgressive EMS Power Protector
Progressive EMS Power Protector
Sale priceFrom $ 249.00 Regular price$ 332.99
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GasStop Gas Safety Shut-OffGasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off
GasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off
Sale priceFrom $ 87.99
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"Living The Airstream Life" Laundry Bag - with inside pocket"Living The Airstream Life" Laundry Bag - with inside pocket