ELEMENT Fire Extinguisher

Model: 50 seconds
Sale price$ 80.00


Can you put out a fire in 11 seconds?

Because that's how long the 2-lb fire extinguisher in your Airstream will last. After that, it will sputter to a halt ... leaving a mess of white powder and maybe a fire still in progress.

There's a better solution: the Element Fire Extinguisher. 

  • It's longer lasting: runs for 50 seconds or 100 seconds (4-9x longer!)
  • Easy to use for anyone: super light weight (less than a pound)
  • Works on all major categories of fires, including grease fires
  • Doesn't make a mess—leaves no trace
  • Safe for people and animals to breathe
  • Never needs maintenance and has no expiration date

We offer two versions: a 50-second discharge, and 100-second discharge. Either is suitable for your Airstream, your truck, boat, and home. 

Dimensions & specifications:

E50 is 30cm (11.75") long, 3.2cm (1.2") diameter & weighs 275 grams (0.6 lbs), comes with mounting clip.

E100 is 33cm (13") long, 4cm (1.6") in diameter & weighs 360 grams (0.79 lbs). No mounting clip.

Suitable for type A, B, C, and K (cooking oil & grease) fires.

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