Portable Solar Kit

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Less expensive and more cost-effective than rooftop solar – works even if your Airstream is parked in the shade!

Our super lightweight, Portable Solar Kit delivers 170 watts of solar power and is compatible with lead-acid (including AGM) and lithium batteries. Unlike rooftop solar panels, our system allows you to move the panels to where the sun is shining (within 25 feet of the Airstream), and angle them to optimize solar capture. 

For less than $1,000 you get a powerful and flexible system that fits in the wardrobe or backseat of your tow vehicle and weighs only 18 pounds! 

If you already have a rooftop solar system, our Portable Solar Kit works in tandem with it, enabling you to harness even more power from the sun.

Why people love this kit

  • Works with any Airstream trailer, and Interstate 24X
  • Extends your stay in remote locations and places without hookups
  • Deployable anywhere up to 25 feet from your Airstream
  • Super lightweight–only 18 pounds!
  • Folds down to a size that's easy to store in the wardrobe or back seat
  • 1-2 minute set up
  • Our Merlin panels have higher reliability and better performance in real-world conditions than competing panels
  • Costs a lot less than rooftop solar and is more flexible

No wiring, no drilling, no installation needed

It's ready to go out of the box and takes only a few minutes to set up.

To set up the solar kit: Simply unfold the tri-fold solar panels onto their legs, hook up the charge controller, and plug the system into the solar charge port on the A-frame. Once connected, the system charges your Airstream's batteries automatically and shuts off when they are full.

If your trailer is a model year 2016 or earlier, you probably don't have a factory solar port. You'll need to purchase this adapter to connect your trailer's 7-way cord plug into the system.

Learn about the advantages of portable vs. rooftop solar panels

    A must-have for serious Airstreamers

    Simply put, solar allows you to enjoy longer stays at beautiful remote campsites where electricity isn't available – and reduces the need for a generator. 

    Kit includes

    • Set of 3 lightweight and flexible panels which fold down for travel, complete with collapsible legs
    • Solar charge controller, compatible with lead-acid (including AGM) and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
    • Color-coded cables to make setup quick and easy
    • 25-foot extension cable
    • Adapter cable for connecting to the existing solar plug on newer Airstreams
    • Zipper case with carrying handle for each set of panels
    • Complete Instructions

    The long extension cable gives you the flexibility to put the panels exactly where the sun is shining, which means you can keep the Airstream in the shade while still charging on solar.

    Bonus: The kit comes with our exclusive guide: "Tips For Using Solar Power." Written by Rich Luhr, the publisher of Airstream Life magazine, the guide explains the best way to use your panels, conserve power, recharge and maintain your Airstream batteries, and more!


    Tech Specs:

    • Maximum rated output power of 170-watts
    • 18 lbs so it's easy to carry
    • Panels, cables, and charge controller are fully weatherproof and can withstand rain and snow
    • The tri-fold panel set is 28" x 23" when folded (fits in many Airstream wardrobe closets) and 28" x 68" when open
    • Monocrystalline panels
    • The charge controller is a 20 amp Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) type, which is far more efficient than cheaper PWM controllers, especially on cloudy days
    • The extension cable is 8 AWG, heavier and more efficient than typical 10 AWG wires, marine-grade, with UV protection.
    • Our Merlin panels use 20 redundant internal bus lines and over 2,000 interconnects. This means they offer higher reliability and far better performance in real-world conditions than competing panels. They're less affected by shading and low sun angle and are designed to endure harsh environments.


    2-year manufacturer's warranty

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